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Apr 10, 2019

To The Windows…To The Walls

Here in South Florida, it’s well documented that we all get our own little slice of paradise. From flowing fronds to beautiful beaches to art that abounds, our (literal) hot spot is primed for stunning photography at every turn. Though we didn’t necessarily plan it that way, both 2TON offices in The Palm Beaches are #blessed to be situated among some of our area’s most stunning views and artistic delights, making them perfect destinations for the photog in us all.

Our south office is positioned on bustling Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Delray Beach. The easternmost wall of our building features an iconic mural affectionately known around town as “Dancing Pineapples,” painted by Anita Lovitt. The mural came to fruition in the midst of the recession in 2008, and since then has become a landmark of sorts, marking the entrance to the area’s thriving Pineapple Grove Arts District. From visiting tourists and sightseers to nightlife-loving crowds, the colorful artwork makes a dramatic backdrop for any pic or montage.

On the other end of town is our north office, located adjacent to the Grandview Public Market in West Palm Beach’s growing warehouse district. Like any urban zone with the word “district” in its name, this area has seen a recent rebirth, with white stucco buildings and chain-link fences giving way to oversized building murals, modern art galleries, microbreweries and pop-up yoga parties. Just outside the 2TON office, which we share our sister company VXIT, a mural of giant banana leaves graces the entire side of the building, inviting every passerby to stop and snap a photo backlit by sunlight and highlighted by the tropics. And from where we sit, we can attest that most of them readily RSVP to that invitation with a selfie.

We see you Insta-models. Work it, girl.

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