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The Heart of 2TON–Our Work with Nonprofits

Sponsorship of Gift of Life’s Event

As you probably know by now, at 2TON, our nonprofit clients are our favorites. (Okay, don’t worry, we love all of our clients equally.) Maybe a more diplomatic way to put it is that we’re extra passionate about our nonprofit clients and the good work they’re doing.

One that we hold close and have done extensive, very cool work with is Gift of Life Marrow Registry.

Gift of Life was founded to give everyone battling blood cancer a second chance at life, they’re determined to make it happen. With one, easy life-changing swab, a match and a cure for someone can be found and they work hard tirelessly to find donors.

On January 19th, 2TON sponsored Gift of Life’s event, Steps for Life South Florida, at FAU. This was the 10th anniversary of the event and was a 5K Run/Walk with a hugely successful turnout. In addition to the 5K, the day featured fun activities for all ages including a Superhero Sprint for children under 6 and a certified, chip-timed run for both runners and walkers.

The main event, though, was the first time meeting of a donor and recipient. The two families came together for what was an emotional, heartfelt experience. Grant Mederios, age 5, met the donor who gave him life-saving bone marrow last year while he was battling leukemia.

The donor, Graeme Ossey, said, “There was no question that I wanted to be able to do this and would hope that if someone else was in this position, they would happily do it for our family.” (I’m not crying, you are.)

Philip Mederios, Grant’s father, said it best, though, “It’s one of those things–that a total stranger saved my son’s life. It just shows you that there are so many great people out there.” (Insert all the feels here.)

All of this was made possible by our incredible client, Gift of Life. And we’re proud to know them and to do what we do, so they can keep saving lives.

You Can Judge a Brand by Its Logo

You’re allowed. In fact, we invite you to judge us by our cover, meaning our logo work. And for 2019, the 2TON team rolled out some solid work. Brand Logos are challenging; they are the primary identifiers of a business. Making one that works is a carefully executed, detailed process including hand drawings, mock-ups, several samples, and revisions. The main objective is, of course, to create something that clearly defines a brand’s products, services, ideas and signifies their culture as well. They have to look cool, too. Not an easy task.

Here’s what we achieved in 2019. We’re pretty proud.

Some (humble) thoughts from our designers.


  • DO-Use a font that imitates the desired personality of the business.
  • DO-Make logos that are versatile for all platforms; print, digital, web.
  • DO-Design logos that are strong with the wordmark and strong alone.
  • DO-Consider dimension.


  • DON’T-Use cliche fonts like Papyrus, Comic Sans, Hobo and so on.
  • DON’T-Include too many elements or designs based on trends.
  • DON’T-Forget to think about the target market.
  • DON’T-Forget history. A brand’s logo can be refreshed and made to feel more modern without ignoring the past aesthetic.

Some (humble) thoughts from our designers.

  1. Combining multiple ideas to create simple, clean, geometric forms.
  2. Historical or vintage logo comebacks to add nostalgia and uniqueness.
  3. Playing with negative and positive space.
  4. Flat, with a touch of dimension.
  5. Hand-drawn elements.
  6. Detail over hyper-minimalism.
  7. Using advanced programs to create fonts and more distinct details.
  8. Clean and colorful.

Making a good logo is like finding depth in a Kanye quote…difficult. In 2019, our 2TON designers created some pretty awesome masterpieces for our brands. We’re looking forward to 2020.

Pump Up the Volume

Does music at work increase productivity?

Having a horrible song stuck in your head is one of the most irritating things about being human. (“Don’t Stop Believin’” is one that particularly tortures me.) Even a good song, once stuck, can really drive you crazy. So what about listening to music at work? Is it good or bad for productivity? 

I remember as a kid being told that studying with music on was not okay; silence was synonymous with learning. As an adult, I’m so relieved that music is allowed and encouraged in most work environments. Obviously, depending on the industry, policies around tuning in vary. (If you’ve ever worked retail, you’re familiar with the soul-crushing Christmas playlists that start right after Halloween.) 

So what are the facts here? 

I’m primarily talking about music in an office environment and fortunately, there have been many studies done about this very subject. After all, music is such a significant part of the human experience and work is well, work, so the relationship between the two is quite complex. 

According to a study by Mindlab International: 

  •  81% of employees worked fastest when listening to tunes

  • 88% of people’s work was more accurate when listening to music

  • 90% of workers perform better overall with music on 

  • 65% of employers believe music makes their teams more productive

All of that bodes well for jamming while we crank out our respective work, and it’s not surprising considering music actually releases dopamine which, literally, gives us all the good feels. I was curious to hear, (pun intended), what our crew at 2TON felt about music in our space. So I asked some questions…and the responses just poured in. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite quotes from our team. 

 “I personally can’t stand a quiet office…We get a mixed bag of repeats. fice…Some songs have been haunting us for years. Modest Mouse,” Ryan Boylston

“I almost threw away my computer when I heard a Lumineers song,” Bradley Hale

“She was getting lulled to sleep…so I put on Queen,” Aram

“Aram, what’s that music you normally put on? That really bad music? What’s the name of it?” Stephanie Roy

“Whatever this song playing right now is. I’m screwed for 3 days minimum,” Stephen Compton

So, music is good for productivity, that’s a fact. But a lot depends on what music. According to Mindlab; pop music is best for accuracy and speed, classical is best for math and problem solving, ambient music is good for data entry, and dance music is best for proofreading. Anyway, embrace the tunes at work, try to find common ground with co-workers, and when all else fails, put on headphones–either for your choice of noise or to grab some silence. 

Written by Rigel Herman, 2TON’s Content Strategist.


Mindlab International: (https://www.prsformusic.com/press/2014/new-research-shows-music-hits-the-right-notes-for-business-success

2TON Levels Up for Life

Marketing Campaign for Gift of Life Marrow Registry

We are exceedingly lucky to have the clients we have, we always get to work on cool and interesting projects and learn so much about a variety of industries. Recently one, in particular, has us super excited and feeling like superheroes.

Level Up For Life is a campaign we created for Gift of Life Marrow Registry, an international public bone marrow and stem cell registry nonprofit that’s fighting blood cancer. Gift of Life is determined to give everyone battling blood cancer, (like lymphoma, leukemia) a second chance at life and is a world leader in facilitating transplants for children and adults suffering from these life-threatening diseases.

Gift of Life hired us to create an assortment of materials for them, one of them being an amazing, dynamic video that targets the group they need most, males ages 18-25. (Apparently those guys have the best stem cells.) Getting swabbed to donate is super easy and literally takes 10 seconds, so we wanted to make sure that Gift of Life is able to share this with as many young men (and other people, too) as possible.

In addition to an email campaign, digital ads, and a Level Up for Life landing page we made this video.

For the concept of the video, our creative team felt like using a video game theme would capture the attention of their target audience. To make the video easy to understand and relatable, we used casual language in the script and graphics to highlight the important segments. The overall message of the video is that it’s quick, easy, and painless to donate and potentially save a life. And that saving a life is obviously a huge deal.

We worked with a great group of actors to get this video just right. Our team really showed their stuff for this campaign and we’re proud of it. Most importantly, though, we want people to watch the video, share the video, and Level Up For Life.

Check it out now and then feel free to share.

Now Hiring: Digital Marketing Specialist

2TON  is seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist to work closely with our clients and team on retained digital marketing projects with a focus on lead generation and conversion. This role will involve contributing to several projects at the same time across a variety of industries while also maintaining a strong focus on driving measurable results. Internal and client-facing communications are daily responsibilities and the capacity to both multitask and manage time efficiently is critical. While experience with paid search and analytics platforms is a firm requirement, any past experience within an agency is highly valued. We are excited to grow our team in this arena and look forward to hearing from qualified applicants!


  • Set up and manage effective PPC/CPC, remarketing, and social media advertising campaigns to drive leads and conversions for clients and project-specific objectives. Platforms include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Track, analyze, and report on a broad range of digital channels including websites, email, display, SEM, and social via Google Analytics and social insight tools.
  • Optimize online response and conversion rates via landing page optimization, testing, behavioral targeting, and more.
  • Perform analysis on website and landing page optimization, providing and implementing recommendations for improvements that account for messaging, keywords,  metadata, etc.
  • Prepare digital marketing reports using data analyzed from multiple platforms and present it to clients monthly, providing detailed insight and recommendations for improvement.


  • At least two years experience in digital marketing, analytics, or related field
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager
  • General SEO knowledge and ability to implement it on websites
  • Experience in channels including paid search, social media, SEO, display ads, and email
  • Working knowledge of WordPress and HTML/CSS preferred, Shopify is a plus
  • Ability to multi-task with a high level of detail in a fast-paced environment
  • Track record of excellent collaborative and interpersonal skills
  • Strong skills in communication, organization, and attention to detail
  • Agency experience is preferred

Apply now with the form below.


The Business of Being Cas’

A Casual Yet Professional Workplace Works For Us

The idea of a casual workplace was once taboo. In the past few years, however, it has emerged as the new norm for many companies. What started with “casual Fridays,” has grown to represent an overall relaxation throughout the work week that also encompasses looser restrictions on tattoos, facial hair, jewelry and so on. 

While it’s borderline cruel to make people wear suits and ties to work every day in South Florida, a lot of companies do. Fortunately at 2TON we have PacMan in our office and we’re a dog-friendly workplace, so formal business attire doesn’t really match our overall vibe. That being said, we’ve carefully considered what “Business Casual” really means–how far we’re willing to take it and if it’s beneficial to our productivity. 

For the most part we’ve found that for us, a more relaxed atmosphere works. We like to listen to music, pet each other’s dogs, wear jeans and t-shirts all while still meeting at the water cooler to chat (not everything’s antiquated from traditional office life). 

Here’s why this works for us along with some good stats to make a case for the benefits of  a comfortable workplace. 



We’re more productive when we’re comfortable

We sit or stand at our desks all day and need to make sure nothing is hindering the flow of our creative juices. By being able to wear more casual attire–breathable fabrics, comfortable shoes and so on, we are absolutely more able to stay focused. In fact, Mike Slepian, author of “The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing” says that casual clothing makes workers able to think less abstractly and more concretely. And statistically speaking, as many as half of firms surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management said they allow casual dress every day; up 6% from 2017 and 18% from 2014.

A more relaxed atmosphere boosts morale.

And high morale at work means people work better together. At 2TON, our professional yet casual standards help our team feel connected to one another and also feel more comfortable collaborating. According to Justworks, a Professional Employer Organization, employee happiness is extremely beneficial and can be achieved by relaxing the overall environment, a simple solution that requires no investment.



We value individuality. 

Having a more relaxed dress code and a more relaxed workplace overall, promotes individualism and we think that’s a good thing. We want each of our team members to feel encouraged to be themselves and we feel like forcing something formal could possibly stifle creativity. 

Have an uptight office? See if moving towards business cas’ will fly–you’ll thank us later.


Palm Beach Improv Festival

We’ve Been Improvising for Days with Dorian. So Now Check Out Some Real Theatrical Improv.

As proud sponsors of the Palm Beach Improv Festival, we’re stoked to see the art of theatrical improvisation in action. Since we’ve been spared from the destruction of Dorian, the festival is being held as scheduled, September 5th through the 7th at Old School Square.

In its fourth year–produced by Improv U–the Palm Beach Improv Festival will feature 30+ performances over 3 days, as well as workshops taught by nationally acclaimed instructors. Guests can expect to see fully improvised performances with each set of performers doing 15 minutes.

Featuring short and long form improv, (the two most common types) as well as musical long form–attendees will see every type of comedic improv–unlike anything else in South Florida.

So what is improv exactly, you ask? Well, short form is where actors perform improvised scenes but challenges are thrown at them throughout the performance, making it more difficult. Long form is similar to a short play but is also completely improvised. And musical improv, well, that’s super cool. Musical improv is like watching a regular musical, only everything is improvised!

Improv U, the producers of the Palm Beach Improv Festival, are dedicated to bringing the art of improvisational theater and improv comedy to South Florida and the Palm Beaches. This festival is a celebration of the art of improv and a place for improvisers to connect, share ideas and have fun. It’s a super safe and welcoming environment and is fun for anyone who wants to see something unique and inspiring.

This year’s headliners are some of the best in the business–so you know it’ll be good. Billy Merritt, for starters, is a mainstay at UCB Theater and one of their finest teachers, as well as a comedic actor. He will be teaching a workshop and discussing his awesome book on improv called Pirate Robot Ninja.

Another headliner is T.J. Mannix, a musical genius from The Magnet Theater in Manhattan. He has a one-man musical called Limboland where he plays all of the characters and sings the songs, too–all made up on the spot, no less!

Lastly, Chris George, will perform his solo act called I Am the Show, where he watches a movie with the audience that he has never seen and does the dialogue and voices–live. What ensues is a hilarious performance. Oh, and he’ll be teaching a workshop, too.

And here’s the thing, there is no improv without an audience–the suggestions from the audience are what power the shows. So get your tickets today and join in on the wild, unpredictable fun!

Tickets are available at www.palmbeachimprovfestival.com. You can still sign up for workshops, too, if you want to give improv a try.

Oh yeah…there are drinks.

Dogs At Work? It’s Not Far “Fetched” at 2TON

At 2TON, everyday is Bring Your Dog to Work Day. We love our pooches and strongly believe that they’re positive influences on our productivity and that they enhance the vibe in our office overall. Our dog-friendly policy is pretty progressive of us, if we do say so ourselves. In fact, only 8% of companies in the U.S. allow dogs to join their owners, according to the Society of Human Resources Management.

So, is there something to this “dogs at work thing,” or are we just over-the-top with love for our four-legged, furry friends?

Well, apparently pet perks at work are significant for a lot of dog-owners. A survey conducted by Wellness Natural Pet Food found that when considering a job offer, one in five millennial pet owners would consider an offer more seriously if they could bring their dog to work. In creating an attractive work environment, to recruit and retain the best talent, businesses should take note that allowing dogs goes a long way.

Additionally, the same survey found that 65% of American pet owners believed having their dog at work would benefit company culture, 75% believe that pets would diffuse a stressful situation in the office and 59% feel like they would get to know their colleagues better if they could bring their dogs.

Most importantly, perhaps, is that tons of studies show that dogs have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing, like lowered blood pressure and stress reduction. Translating those benefits to a work environment is innovative and by catering to furry officemates a company is promoting health and happiness among its employees.

So, we’re on to something at 2TON. And we’re in good company–dogs are welcome in the offices of Uber, Airbnb and Amazon.

Now Hiring: Copywriter and Strategist

Dreaming of a career near the beach, minutes from downtown West Palm Beach and in a casual workplace? Well this may just be the perfect opportunity for you.

We are seeking a Copywriter and Strategist to join our awesome in-house marketing team.


You will be responsible for creating, editing and proofreading a variety of copy for client projects. This work includes producing traditional advertising copy for campaigns, print ads, brochures, annual reports and digital assets, as well as longer form writing projects, including video storyboarding, emails and blogs, client tone and voice guidelines. Additionally, you will also help tell the 2TON story, working on internal messaging, pitch documents, website copy and more.

Beyond just drafting and refining content, this position requires the ability to contribute compelling and creative ideas for our clients and our team. You will be consulting on projects regarding branding, campaigns, marketing strategy, and a variety of other deliverables. Below are some examples of work produced by 2TON through this role:

Apply now with the form below.


A Successful Political Campaign Happens On & Offline

Ahead of the 2020 election, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is working hard to augment the social media platform’s reputation. In a recent conversation with TED’s Chris Anderson and Whitney Pennington Rodgers, Dorsey loosely suggested that Twitter’s team is working to create more accurate engagement on the platform.It matters that conversations about honest social media practices are happening ahead of the general election because successful political campaigns happen on and offline. We at 2TON know that from experience. Two years ago, 2TON CEO & Founder Ryan Boylston ran for public office for the first time. He beat the incumbent.

We know a thing or two about running a successful political campaign.

To start, Ryan didn’t become Commissioner Boylston overnight. When Ryan ran for office, he had been living in Delray Beach for more than 13 years and managed to grow a successful business in that time. He sat on boards. Got to know everyone from the Atlantic High School football team to local entrepreneurs working to find solutions. Delray residents knew if they needed a copy of the city’s masterplan, they could go to Ryan’s Downtown Delray Beach office and retrieve one.

Voters know the difference between someone who is actively engaged in the community and someone who is using the community to get to a public office.

Though Ryan was the ideal candidate, he was going up against an incumbent. How did Ryan beat a sitting commissioner who was running for re-election? Digital strategy and social media.

Digital and social media will kick your political campaign up a notch.

Let’s start with building for digital:

  • Whatever you communicate to voters IRL (in real life) has to be communicated online
  • Hire a designer who moves away from the busy campaign ads – go for clean assets
  • Your designs should be consistent, simple, easy to read/neat, and forward thinking
  • Budget for YouTube, Google, and social media ad buying
  • Use video, GIFs, and pictures with intention
  • Everything should tell a story

Now on to social media:

  • Using social media accounts for your campaign is all about connecting with voters – don’t be boring
  • There will be voters who only come to know you via social media, bring them on the campaign trail with you – live stream debates and HOA meetings, for example
  • Any announcement or important claim that you make IRL should also be made on social media
  • Build a social media team who can keep an eye on posts and who are members of groups relevant to your campaign
  • You will encounter people who don’t like you and they’ll make it known all over social media – stay on message, block when you have to, and don’t take it personal

If you’re thinking about using digital and social media to win an election, you’re already on the right path. We know a thing or two about winning political campaigns, let’s talk.