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Apr 26, 2019

2TON Treats Its Team & Community to Free Avengers Premiere

2TON Rented out an IMAX to Treat Families and Community to Free Avengers Showing

On Thursday, April 25th, 2TON partnered with our sister-companies Levatas and VXIT to bring a free showing of Avengers: Endgame to 270 people in our local West Palm Beach community. The IMAX theatre filled up with students, teachers, local nonprofit groups, and the families and friends of the companies’ staff. City of West Palm Beach City Commissioner Christina Lambert even joined in on the fun with her family, but she wasn’t the only dignitary there!

Thanos himself took a break from universal destruction and joined the attendees for pictures in the lobby ahead of the show. The man behind the mask? Levetas Founder, Chris Nielsen. 2TON Founder, Ryan Boylston, and VXIT Managing Director, Paul Vedder, later met Nielsen on stage to welcome their guests.

“I asked my 2TON team if they wanted to see the Avengers movie together,” Boylston said addressing the crowd. “Chris asked if their team could get on board – we said why not, then tonight happened.” Boylston ended joyfully as he looked out at the packed theatre.

As the audience readied to cheer, laugh, and cry together, Nielsen ended with empowering closing comments. He let the students in attendance know that they’re not too young to reach out to Boylston, Vedder, and him directly. The trio made their business cards available to all the youth there and encouraged them to email over questions about their future plans. “We can help,” Nielsen said.

And with that, Avengers: Endgame began. That’s right. No previews, no commercials, no theatre announcements – a movie right away.

Back in their respective offices the next day, business went on as usual, but not before teachers, parents, community leaders, and students let the companies know how amazing of a time they had coming together to celebrate the endgame.

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